Naisten Contessa Kelkkahousut

Alkuperäinen hinta 130,00 104,84
Alkuperäinen hinta 325,00 262,10
Tuotenro. MF-20329-OV
Varastossa 1 kpl varastossa
Toimitusaika 2-10 arkipäivää
Ilmainen toimitus yli 100 € tilauksille
14 vrk ilmainen vaihto- ja palautusoikeus

Naisten Contessa Kelkkahousut

Countess = Royalty. What more is there to say? The Contessa Line is built for the woman rider who isn′t afraid to shred the mountain! 

The Contessa Line features eVent waterproof fabric allowing the aggressive rider to stay 100% dry and ″″let the sweat out″″. Designed and patterned to optimize comfort for the woman rider, the Contessa brings a whole new level of technical outerwear and style to the industry. The women′s shell and layering system offers everything needed including the base layers, mid-layers, boots, and shell in several stylish colors.